5 Best Gaming Monitors For Destiny 2

Fan of Destiny? If yes, you must have been excited about Destiny 2. If you are a PC gamer and played it on your PC, we are sure you must have regretted every second of it. To enrich your game, we have gathered the top gaming monitors to ensure that your Destiny 2 experience is one of its kinds.

However, if you need an instant recommendation – we recommend Acer Predator XB271HU. This particular monitor is at the top of the charts right now. But we have more in our list

Read on to find other significantly decent options to satisfy your most important gaming need.

#1 Acer Predator XB271HU

The gaming hulk

If you have got the nerve for Destiny 2, close your eyes and buy this without thinking twice. Acer Predator offers an excellent gaming experience and performance. It is also compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync. The specialty of this is that it helps your monitor to sync the display pixels at the refresh rate of the GPU. With this monitor on the market, comparing 60hz vs 120hz gaming has become an old school tale; if you have an Acer Predator, we are talking about a gaming experience of up to 144hz.

#2 Samsung U28E590D

Stylish design clubbed with smooth gaming

Samsung has acquired the second position in the race for the best gaming monitor. The company has introduced these monitors in a very sleek and eye-catching design. Gamers who choose Samsung U28E590D – can sit back and allow its gaming mode and dynamic contrast mode do all the heavy work. Also, this model does not require you to bend for connecting the cables. Samsung has done a very impressive work with the quality of this monitor and it is just the perfect LED VD to buy.

#3 BenQ GL2450


Your power saving gaming monitor

If you want to save some energy, BenQ has introduced just the right model for your Destiny 2 gaming needs. It is designed in such a way that it only has a lag of less than 1ms. Specifically made for console gaming, it makes your game look a million times better. With its reputation, BenQ is being used by several professional players and is worth buying.

#4 BenQ XL2702Z

Feature-rich dependable gaming

While most players are satisfied with a 60hz monitor, dedicated gamers seeking high accuracy always look for 144hz ultra-responsive monitors. BenQ XL2702Z is one of those monitors. This model is loaded with other tons of features including zeroflick technology. The company is tirelessly working on making monitors with unbeatable response time. If you are a gaming crazy Destiny lover, this BenQ monitor can definitely serve your needs.

#5 AOC G2770PF Gaming monitor

Your low-cost gaming option

From all of the above, this AOC monitor is your low-cost option. The monitor comes in a classic, clean and a full HD display design. The selling point for this particular model is the response time and featured integrated USB port offering. The only drawback is the monitor does not have any motion blur reduction technology. Still, if you want a sensible buy, AOC will not disappoint you.

In conclusion, the right monitor can elevate your gaming experience. The gaming world has always been about the response time. We hope that our picks will help navigate through the dizzying array of choices.